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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Annnnd.... I'm back!

I've been a slacker.

My last blog post was October. It is now March. That is, um, a lot of time.

I really have no excuses. I mean, I have moved from one country to another. I do have two small children. I have been in school full time (3 science classes and 3 labs to go along). I moved into a new house, which required unpacking and painting and cleaning. And the holidays. And on and on and on... not too busy, right?

But I have thought about this blog And I've been itching to get back to it!

So here I am!

Apart from slacking on the blogging, I haven't been a complete slacker with regards to working out, which is good. I've joined a gym, and have been back at the running and lifting. I've also been hired on at one location as a group fitness instructor, and have an audition this week for another position at another club. So all in all, things are moving in the right direction again...

So yes, I'm back. And I am vowing to make at least one new post a week. I have a ton to say, so get ready!

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