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Friday, October 15, 2010

"This year I will..."

I had today's post all planned, and then of course things changed (don't they always?)!  I went to the gym yesterday wearing a new pair of Lululemons (thanks, hubby!) and threw my gym things into the bag my new pants came in instead of lugging my diaper bag, which has unfortunately become my diaper bag/gym bag/purse/etc etc etc.... anyways, if you've ever bought anything from Lululemon, you know that their bags are pretty inspiring; they are covered with their manifesto, little things like "drink more water" and "friends are more important than money" (you can find the entire thing here, if you want to check it out: Just a warning, you can also buy pants and other yoga and athletic clothing here...don't say I didn't warn you, they are comfy, flattering, and oh-so-addictive!)

But back to the bag... I've always loved the Lulu manifesto, it's pretty inspiring. But this time, it wasn't the manifesto on the outside of the bag that caught my eye. As I was reaching for my bottle, I noticed that the inside of the bag, printed small near the top, reads: "This year I will ______________."  Complete with the space for you to write in your own goal. Pretty smart goal setting, Lulu!

So this got me thinking- what will I do this year? Yes, I am aware it's already mid-October. Most of you are probably wondering, why is this whackjob planning for the rest of a year that is more than 3/4 over? Well, why not? Why wait for the new year? Can you honestly tell me that you haven't spent prior years using January 1st as a goal-setting date, swearing and vowing that this is the magic year, the year that you will lose all kinds of weight and be healthy? Only to be let down a week later when you've already fallen off the wagon, only to abandon all your goals and go back to your pre-New Years way of life? I know I have, and I'm done with it. Why wait another 2 1/2 months to set goals, when I can start TODAY?

So, I am setting a goal. Not a huge, ridiculous, "I am going to have a body like Brittney Spears by the time the clock strikes midnight on Dec 31" type goal.  An achievable, trackable, and reachable goal. Just something to work on for the rest of the year.

My goal will be to work out 10 times per month for the next 3 months. I've already worked out twice this month, so I've got 8 more times to go. 10 times out of 30 days is reachable- it doesn't have to be an in the gym workout, even a good 30 minute walk with the kids will count. So, with that, I've set a goal! YAY! Of course I'll share my progress on here, I want you all to keep me accountable.

Now it's your turn.  If you aren't still browsing the Lululemon site and you've actually read this far, then it's time to step up! Set a goal with me. The year isn't over, so what will you achieve this year? Make it reachable, and attainable. Comment and share it with me. Maybe it isn't a physical goal, or anything to do with health. Maybe it's something like "I will not buy more then 5 more pairs of Lulus before Christmas" (I told you their site is addictive!)

No matter what you're working towards for the rest of 2010, I'd love to hear your goal.

"This year, I will__________________________."

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