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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why "My Body Today?"

You may be wondering where the title for the blog came from. To be honest, when I chose it, I was worried about two things. First, it sounded a bit like something I hear when I go to mass during Communion ("this is my body, the body of Christ...) I will be keeping my religious thoughts to myself, so don't worry, that is definitely NOT where the title came from!

So where did it come from then? Well, when I was just out of college, I attended a yoga class pretty frequently, and the instrutor always started every class with a short meditation. He would have us sit, cross legged, with our eyes closed, and connect with our bodies. Just take a sort of mental inventory: how we were feeling, what felt good or what was sore, how healthy we felt, etc.  It was not supposed to be a time of thinking "damnit, I can feel my muffin top poking over these yoga pants" or "I'm fat, I hate my body, I need to lose weight!" No. This was a time to be thankful and appreciative.  To think, this is my body today. It isn't going to change drastically today, and that's ok. Thank you, body, for supporting me today. For being strong enough to carry me around all day, to allow me to be in this yoga class. I appreciate you.

So that second thing I worried about? I was worried that this all sounded way too "Eat, Pray, Love" for a simple health blog. I worried that I would sort of sound like Elizabeth, hearing voices and talking to my own body. But again, don't worry. I'm not going to run off and join an ashram. I'm not a devout yogi and I'm not going to ask you to start reciting ancient Sanskrit chants with me (although I do love yoga, more about that another day).  But what that yoga instructor said at the beginning of each class has always stuck in my head, and is just as true today as it was then.

This is my body today. I should be proud of this body. It is a strong, healthy body. Could it be stronger and healthier? Sure. But everyone can say that, no matter their situation. This body, the one I have today, gave me my two beautiful, amazing children. This body allows me to move, to play, to laugh, to jump, to live. I am healthy, and that's what matters. I may be a little more saggy, have a few more stretch marks, and be a little heavier than before, but this is my body today, and I am thankful for this body.

I encourage all of you to sit for a minute, close your eyes, and think about your bodies. And at a risk of sounding all yoga-ish on you- try to appreciate your body, even if for a few minutes. Think about all it allows you to do, and just thank it for a minute. Cause after all, this is your body today.

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